Spring is Here

Well I’m happy to see the sunshine and that spring should be on the way.  For the last month one or all of us has been sick, with colds flu’s etc.  I’m making slow but steady process on my weight loss.  After my last post I did gain back quite a bit of weight (I weighed in at 263lbs) but I found a new resolve and I’m now back down to 250.2lbs.  I’ve also got some updated measurements.

I’m now at:

Chest: 46″ (-1″)

Waist: 50″ (-2″)

Hips: 52″ (no change)

So I’m down a total of 3″ and 6lbs from my original post.  I’ve been feeling very encouraged as I had purchased a pair of jeans that almost fit for encouragement, and last week I put them on and they fit!  I plan on continuing and I hope to lose another 10lbs this month, and 20lbs by May (my birthday month).

With spring arriving there will be much more walking with the boys, gardening and energy in general.  I’m hoping to see the weight continue to come off in a steady progress.

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life can be such an interuption

Well my youngest is getting his first 2 teeth and has been a very unhappy camper so I haven’t been able to take the time to get on and blog like I wanted.  But here I am still determined to stick to my goals.

I’m feeling quite positive today.  The last week hit us with some bad news but I have taken it in stride and I’m allowing myself to fall back into bad habits to use food as a comfort measure.

I’ve also been sticking to me meal plan and making lots of yummy meals at home.  I’ve been utilizing left overs like crazy.  For example we had roast chicken this week and I used the left over chicken to make a hearty chicken soup with lots of herbs and veggies but low salt (which as we all know is not a weight loss helper!).  Also there were lots of left over mashed potatoes so yesterday I got my croc pot out and put in beef, lots of veggies and broth then we had that with the mashed potatoes.

I’ve been also sticking to my cleaning and organizing goals, it’s going slowly but it is happening.  Lots of water and small amounts of exercise I can do this, and a motivating factor, this morning when I stepped on the scale I was down to 254.6 lbs.  That’s 2.2 lbs in one week, right on goal.

Time to get back to cleaning with the baby is still sleeping…there’s a whole room of toys to pick up!

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January Picture and Stats

January weight in: 256.8lbs

January measurements:

Chest: 47.5″

Waist: 52″

Hips: 52″

Short term goal for January: 5lbs loss

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lets think fresh

I really don’t have big expectations of people following this blog but if someone reads it thank you.  This is meerly a way for me to stay accountable to myself and my goals.  First small goal is to write on this blog once a day, whether with a  sentence or more.  I’m hoping this will keep me focused.

It’s time for Fresh.  A Fresh start, Fresh eating, & Fresh cleaning.  Why?  Because it’s 2011 and in May of this year I turn 30.  The number itself doesn’t scare me but I have struggled with  my weight since I was a child and the number 30 makes me think it’s been too long to have been struggling and sometimes not struggling.  I’m the mom of 2 boys both of which have been born in the 2 years.  My second son was born last may and since then I have been stuck bobbing around 250 lbs.   It’s a number that I think I’ve come to accept and I shouldn’t.

I have been wondering how can I change this with no budget for weight loss programs or gym memberships.  Well my baby naps a minimum twice a day for 1-2 hours and in those hours I rarely do more than watch TV or surf the net… there’s problem number 1 and that needs to change.  Problem number 2 is our house is full of stuff.  My husband and I have always had too much stuff and now with the too boys there’s more.  We don’t need it all and it all can be organized as well.  So here’s how it’s going to work:

Goal number 1 CLEAN:  Everyday while my baby naps I will clean for a minimum 1 of his naps.  I know picking up toys, sweeping, mopping, doing laundry all involves more energy than sitting on my ever-expanding rear end.  Cleaning not only will involve more activity into my life it will help my self-esteem by seeing the improvements I can make, that I’ve been wanting to make.

Goal number 2 Eat Fresh: No more fast food.  Over the last little while stress and laziness have often contributed to us eating out a minimum once per week.  This is expensive, unhealthy and unnecessary.  I am a good cook and with simple meal planing there is no reason why we should not be eating good fresh meals at home.  Less salt and preservatives should alone help reduce weight.  More fresh fruit and vegetables for myself as well.  I also plan on drinking only water, I’ve done this before and I know how quickly it helps.  So no more juice or pop (I don’t drink coffee or hot beverages so it’s easy to cut those out). And lastly no more evening snacks…yep this means after 8pm nothing but water and that’s the most difficult of this goal because although I often am not actually hungry in the evenings I have a real mental battle with myself thinking about food and wanting to eat even though I don’t need to.  This is another reason for this blog.

Goal number 3 be accountable:  The whole reason for this blog, I will be posting a picture and my stats today and once a month I will update.  daily I plan on discussing my struggles as well as family life in general.  I need to do this for me I really don’t want to hit 30 still at this weight.  I’m not expecting to drop 100 lbs over night but I’d love to have 20 lbs gone by May.

So here’s to a fresh start and new beginnings wish me luck.

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